Understanding the Causes and Proper Medication of Swollen Gums

Swollen gum pain medication needs to be consumed appropriately, according to the cause. Although the gums are formed from thick, thick tissue, they are prone to problems that are often characterized by swollen gums. To determine the cause of swollen gums, the doctor will perform a number of diagnostic procedures, for example by interviewing the history of complaints, physical examination, to X-rays or with blood tests to check various possible causes. After the diagnosis is known, the doctor can give swollen gum pain medication according to the cause. Various Causes of Swollen Gums There are several conditions that can cause swollen gums, including: Gingivitis Gingivitis or inflammation of the gums is often the main cause of swollen gums. Gingivitis generally occurs because oral hygiene is not maintained, causing plaque buildup that contains a lot of bacteria in the teeth and gums. If not treated properly, gingivitis can trigger a more severe condition, namely periodontitis
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